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El Muyuyo, Ecuador: Water Supply

Status: Alternatives Assessment Phase

Community Background: El Muyuyo is a small rural community of approximately 450 persons that was impacted by a powerful magnitude 7.8 earthquake in 2016, which damaged existing water infrastructure. Approximately 63 families currently live in the community and population growth is minimal due to high migration resulting from lack of economic opportunities in the community. The primary economic activity in El Muyuyo is rainfed agriculture during the region’s wet season (January to May). During the dry season some community members travel to the cities and work in seasonal construction or other trades. Data collected during the initial assessment trip indicates that residents of El Muyuyo suffer from a chronic shortage of potable drinking water, with the largest need during the dry season.

Project Goals/Objectives: The chapter’s priority is designing and constructing a sustainable water system that meets the community’s needs. Ongoing objectives for the project will include identifying and analyzing feasible options for water procurement, treatment and conveyance; as well as strengthening the existing community partnership to equitably operate and maintain the water distribution system. The end goal of the project is to provide consistent supplies of safe potable water to the community. EWB-USA SBV seeks to partner with the community and local stakeholders to implement a sustainable water system that will enable proper sanitation and reduce the chance of waterborne illness.

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