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          Water Supply Project          El Muyuyo, Ecuador

Next Meeting: Tuesday, May 28, 2024 at 7PM    Add it to your Calendar:  CLICK HERE!

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Project Status:    Alternatives Assessment Phase

We completed our 2nd Assessment Trip in July 2023 and are

currently vetting multiple alternatives and will soon enter the

design phase of the project. 

Community Background: El Muyuyo is a small rural

community of approximately 63 families (450 persons).  This growing

community depends on agriculture and other seasonal employment

income. some community members travel to the cities and work in

seasonal construction or other trades.


Community Water Supply (Currently): 

Residents of El Muyuyo suffer from a chronic shortage of potable

drinking water.El Muyuyo collects rainwater during the region’s wet

season (January to May). During the dry season, community members

transport water to their houses from the closest water source by truck. 

Some members  hire a water transport service, but not all can afford

this convenience. 

Project Goals/Objectives: Our hope and aspiration is to provide the community with a reliable, lower-cost, and SAFE water supply. We will design and construct a durable, easily maintainable storage tank and a nearby tap stand for the community to utilize in the village center.  The tank will then be connected to a nearby water treatment plant currently being built by the regional municipality.    The community itself will contribute 5% of funds and provide labor during implementation. We envision the tank we intend to build will resemble the tank drawing below. 



Please join us! We need Engineers AND Non-Engineers!

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