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Tanzania-Rengau: Water Supply

Community Background: The project is located in the Erangau (also referred to as “Rangau”) Community of Tanzania. The community is located within a few kilometers of the Olmoti project, completed by EWB-USA SBV and the Olmoti community in 2015.  Community members from Erangau were peripherally involved in the 2015 project and expressed interest in an extension to their community as early as 2014. 

Assessment Trip: The team assessed the needs of the Erangau Community and identified water sources that are available from the same area as the neighboring Olmoti subvillage. We collected data to understand water demands for system design and surveyed diverse members of the subvillage. The goal is to implement a water pipeline system for the Erangau/Rangau community, a sub-village of Elerai, to gain closer connections to potable water and maintain the existing EWB-SBV water system. 

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